The Nattúr project, promoted by the Tourism Service of the Development Agency of Berguedà, the Departmental Council of Ariège, the Tourist Development Agency of Ariège, the University of Toulouse, the University of Girona and the County Council of La Cerdanya, part of the objective of promoting activities in the natural environment in the three participating territories, Berguedà, Ariège and Girona.

The Way of the Good Men is a trans - Pyrenean tourist itinerary of approximately 200km that goes from the Sanctuary of Queralt ( Berga-Catalunya) to the Castle of Montsegur (Ariège- France). This itinerary recalls the exile of the Occitan Cathars , called otherwise Good Men and Good Women, who promoted pure and simple Christianity, based on spirituality and against the authoritarian, corrupt and ostentatious Catholic Church of the thirteenth century.

We are giving you a challenge: let your imagination soar and pretend to be a travel writer. You could choose to be Ulysses, Jules Verne or Stevenson. With a notepad under your arm, your destination will be Catalonia. Shall we begin?

​When you arrive, the first thing you'll notice is the diverse landscape. The Mediterranean shows up in the story. This sea bathes the entire coast, which affects the character of the people here. It has been an entry point for many civilisations and cultures who have together woven the history of Catalonia and formed the Catalan culture: with its own language, Catalan, and multiple expressions.
But the sea is not all. To the north, the Catalan  Pyrenees  rise imposingly as the second natural border, where the rural world coexists with the new visitors, and also the  18 Natural Parks  around the country.

Nattur Pyrénées



Discover the soul of Catalonia!

The Good Men's Road

Behind the story of the Cathars