Berga (Barcelona) - Foix (Arieja)
October 12th, 13th & 14th 2018


Everything you need to know about the Pyrenees Bike Race
228 km, +7.964 m.

Three stages:

​​Berga - Puigcerdà 104 km. +3.767 m.

Puigcerdà - Ax Les Thermes 52km. +1.464 m. +

Ax Les Thermes - Foix 72 km. +2.800 m.

Track stage 2

Track stage 3

Available 48 hours before starting time



After the history of the Cathars on BTT! We propose you a great mountain bike adventure: travel the Cathar Trail crossing the Pyrenees from south to north in three stages: 12.13 and 14 October 2018. Discover a trans-Pyrenean tourist itinerary that will take you across the Berguedà, the Cerdanya and the Arièja until arriving at the Castle of Montsegur and Foix (France).

This itinerary recalls the exile of the Occitan Cathars, called the "Good Men" who promoted pure and simple Christianity, based on spirituality and against the authoritarian, corrupt and ostentatious Catholic Church of the 13th century. Listen to the whisper of history as you cross places of extraordinary beauty with your mountain bike ..

The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" is a 3-stage race, starting in Berga and finishing in Foix with half of its route in French territory. which aims to offer the possibility of crossing the heart of the Pyrenees following the classic GR107 and going through some places that you will not forget.

All enrolled and registered you will feel part of the adventure and that's why every day we will all dine together while we make the awards ceremony of the day, the briefing of the next stage, viewing the photographs and the video of the stage.

The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" offers you three types of registration: the BASIC without accommodation, the PLUS with 3 nights of accommodation (days 11, 12 and 13) in multiple rooms + 3 medium pensions.

Participation can be individual or by teams of 2, 3 or 4 bikers.


The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" has a test format type "open raid" mountain bike. It is therefore a test of resistance in which the organization will establish some neutralized sectors (exit / arrival of each stage in urban areas) being the rest of the stages completely competitive and timed in its entirety.

In this format, participants are subject at all times to the code of the circulation because the official route is open to motorized traffic. In addition, they must respect any particular regulation of the spaces and places visited, being able to coincide with pedestrians, other cyclists or riders, ... being of the utmost importance to respect the priority rights at all times.

In this format, the participant is responsible to any authority for compliance with this point and not respecting them can lead to direct disqualification by the organization.



The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" consists of 3 stages and about 244 km. away with almost +9,500 m. of positive slope: stage 1 of 92 km with +4.345 m., stage 2 of 80 km. with +2,260 m. and stage 3 of 72 km. with +2,830 m.

The level of difficulty of any of the three stages can be classified as moderate / high but the cut-off times are broad. The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" is reserved for people with adequate physical and mental preparation. The participants must be able to perform a global average speed in each stage not inferior to the maximum time taking into account that the routes include all types of roads and paths.



The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" is a test that allows individual or team participation of 2. 3 or 4 bikers. All the TEAMS will be equipped with a Track the Race geolocation device that the organization will facilitate and that must be activated throughout the journey. Individual Categories: M30, M40, M50 and M60 (male / female). Categories of equipment: Masculine, Mixed and Feminine.


The tracking of the route is done using GPS technology. Only at points of potential danger or problematic at the discretion of the organization, it may decide to place indications of support as a precaution or confirmation of the correct route.


The PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" establishes solid and liquid refreshments along and at the end of the route. Anyway, taking into account the demanding orography in some sections, it is recommended to bring some type of supplement and / or energy bars of reinforcement, as well as to start the stage with at least a liter of drink.


A complete medical assistance service is present throughout PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES". Its mission is to attend as quickly and efficiently as possible to those injured or injured DURING THE TRAVEL OF EACH STAGE. Once the stage is finished, the participant who needs medical attention must be attended by the public or private medical services of the municipality.

To take part in a test like PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" it is obligatory to be covered by a compulsory sports insurance (available as an option in the inscription).



The luggage bag transport is included in the registration. The organization will only transport the bag that is delivered in the accreditation, and even your accommodation. The bag can not weigh more than 20 kg.


Accommodation is not included in the BASIC registration.
Participants and possible companions can choose the PLUS option that includes accommodation in hostels with multiple rooms: 3 nights with 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners.



Services included in the BASIC registration:

  • Accident insurance.

  • Geolocalizador Track the Race with tracking in real time for family and friends.

  • PYRENEES BIKE RACE official jersey "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" 2018

  • Between 2 and 3 refreshments during the tour and at the arrival of each stage.
  • Photos and video of each stage.

  • Corridor guide (general information) with road map (map and level) of each stage + track GPS.
  • Baggage transport between stages.

  • Route notebook with maps and profiles of the stages.
  • Delivery of prizes and informative meetings at the end of each stage.

  • Controls of step.
  • Timing service, with information on the time spent.

  • Medical assistance and rescue during the stage.
  • Bycycle self-wash point at the end of each stage.

  • Bolsa PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" for the transport of personal luggage (maximum of 20 kg of cargo).
  • Transfer of the luggage bag PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" to the accommodation.

  • Night parking bicycles.
  • T-shirt and medal FINISHER PYRENEES BIKE RACE "CAMÍ DELS BONS HOMES" 2018 (reserved to who has completed the tour of the 3 stages within the established times).

Optional services not included with the BASIC registration:

  • Rental of mandatory GPS to track the track.

  • Coach back to Berga.

  • 3 nights accommodation in hostel: 11, 12 and 13 October (PLUS option) in rooms of 4-5-6 people with bathroom and toilet, free wifi.

  • 3 dinners: 11, 12 and 13 October (PLUS option)
  • 3 breakfasts: 12, 13 and 14 October (PLUS option)

  • Mechanic service
  • Physiotherapist service (30 minutes a day)

  • Accompanying pack